here are the characters

a fat,lazy cynical. But endearing cat. born in the kitchen of mamma lioni's italian restraunt,
Garfield weighed five pounds and six ounces at birth and right from the start he showed
a passion for italion food. the restraunt owner forced to chose between garfield and
his doors for a lack of pasta so he sold Garfield to a pet shop. Garfield thoguht he was a
gonner untill jon Arbuckle waked in the door. So Garfield has a happy home and is fed

loveable,playful and brainless as a brick thats odie.
Garfield's faithful friend and whippin dog.

dumb? it took odie three years to learn how
to breath his iQ is so low you'd have
to dig for it

odie was origanaly owned by jon's roommate
Lyman but Lyman left and now he belongs to the

Nermal calls himself the worlds cutest
kitten. He ridiculosis Garfield's
looks and age. But Garfield gets
into his his licks he offen tries to
send nermal to Abu dhabi

decent but dull,with a fatally flawd
fashion sense,jon is a geek with a
heart of gold

origanaly jon was a cartoonist.
these days he seems to have
his hands full playing with

with his wardrobe straight out of
"Geeks r us" and his pathetic
pick up lines. this unhip jon
is always courting disaster.